Comparison of textile one piece motorcycle suits

We have received several emails inquiring about the differences between our various riding suits. Here is a brief summary.

Commute Suit series

This suit is ideal for short rides and commuting to work. Sized as an over suit, it is easy  to slip over your clothes making riding to work a pleasure! This textile suit has a proven protective shell (sourced from the Lombard series) with a removable waterproof liner for those who don’t need all the features of our more advanced suits. The most affordable riding suit in our lineup.

  • Armor - CE Rated soft foam pads
  • Back Protector - CE Rated foam protector
  • Airflow- Lack of vents means limited airflow
  • Protection- Same materials as the Lombard means this is a proven shell. Softer armor means more packability and less crumpling of your work clothes inside

Mojave series

Some folks just feel really hot all the time and want extreme airflow. This motorcycle suit offers the airflow they need but also adds 2 removable membranes so its still usable when the weather changes.

  • Armor - CE Rated hard plastic protectors[B]Back Protector[/B] - CE Rated foam protector
  • Airflow - Almost entirely made out mesh, hence the airflow is superb. You can restrict airflow with use of liners/layers.
  • Protection- Mesh material is less tear and abrasion resistant than the solid fabrics. We offer the Diego leather-mesh suit for  who want uncompromised abrasion resistance from a perforated garment

Lombard series

Add pockets, vents and a bundle of other features to the Commute Suit and you will end up with the Lombard series. These suits have been proven all over the word in all sorts of situations. Commute to work or a trip around the world, this suit is reliable, protective and versatile – yet very reasonably priced

  • Armor - CE Rated hard plastic protectors
  • Back Protector - CE Rated foam protector
  • Airflow - Exceptional airflow for a non-mesh with vents strategically scrattered all over the suit.
  • Protection - It works! Read the feedback

Power Shell series

Our latest and greatest, takes the Lombard series as inspiration but replaces every component with top of the line materials. If you want the most protection and versatility, Power Shell is it. Compared to any other suit with similar features or materials (if any exists) the Power Shell offers  exceptional value! The suit is sold as a base shell so you can add layers as per your own liking and preferences

  • Armor- CE Rated Sas-Tec visco elastic protectors
  • Back Protector - CE Level 2 Sas-Tec visco elastic back protector
  • Airflow- Improves on the Lombard airflow by using flip up panels on the chest and knees
  • Protection- Not only does this offer the far superior protection, it also a lot more comfortable due to the visco elastic armor that conforms to your body