Power Shell v Roadcrafter – The Details

When talking about the Power Shell (PS), we often get the question that how does it compare with the Aerostich Roadcrafter (RC).  So I am going to provide a detailed comparison to help you choose between the two products.

Because of their one-piece format, it is easy to think that the two serve the same purpose but the two suits are very different. The design philosophy behind the two products is totally opposite.

The Roadcrafter design makes waterproofing its top priority and as a result Gore-Tex is fused with the Cordura shell. Though its decently waterproof – it is definitely not 100% waterproof (even with the new zippers!) as per hundreds of customer reviews that you can easily Google at your convenience. So the main feature of the suit can actually fail and many users carry a rain suit as back up :o

With the Power Shell we have thrown waterproofing out of the drawing board. We recommend that you use a rain suit on top of the riding gear and have provided details about the advantages of this method in the article linked below.


In summary, when the waterproof layer is not permanently attached, you have a lot more versatility. So when we stop stressing over 100% waterproofness, we find a lot of comfort features at our disposal.

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