Power Shell v Roadcrafter – The Details

When talking about the Power Shell (PS), we often get the question that how does it compare with the Aerostich Roadcrafter (RC).  So I am going to provide a detailed comparison to help you choose between the two products.

Because of their one-piece format, it is easy to think that the two serve the same purpose but the two suits are very different. The design philosophy behind the two products is totally opposite.

The Roadcrafter design makes waterproofing its top priority and as a result Gore-Tex is fused with the Cordura shell. Though its decently waterproof – it is definitely not 100% waterproof (even with the new zippers!) as per hundreds of customer reviews that you can easily Google at your convenience. So the main feature of the suit can actually fail and many users carry a rain suit as back up :o

With the Power Shell we have thrown waterproofing out of the drawing board. We recommend that you use a rain suit on top of the riding gear and have provided details about the advantages of this method in the article linked below.


In summary, when the waterproof layer is not permanently attached, you have a lot more versatility. So when we stop stressing over 100% waterproofness, we find a lot of comfort features at our disposal.

The biggest advantage is that the suit suddenly becomes useful in so many more weather conditions. Now you don’t have to bake in hot weather – thanks to our extensive ventilation system. Vents are possible weak points for waterproof suits – so are generally avoided by gear that focuses on waterproofing. The PS features vents on the chest, arms, pits, back and knees. The front main zipper can also function as a vent.

So when the conditions warm up, zip open the vents for highly effective (and cooling) airflow. Want to block out the air – close the vents and flaps.  Since we are not concerned with waterproofing, we can ditch the waterproof zippers that are never as smooth or long lasting as regular zippers. *

Next – safety is always the top priority.  A CE Level 2 back protector from Sas-Tec is standard on the PS. So are the Sas-Tec hip protectors.  We think its contradictory to charge our customers for “protectors” on a protective suit.  The Power Shell also features SuperFabric that takes the PS several levels ahead of other products in terms of abrasion resistance. Cordura layered with SuperFabric is far more effective than the multiple layers Cordura found on the RC.  So with Cordura, Sas-Tec and SuperFabric working together, the PS is the ultimate protection for your adventure.

Finally, the PS is unmatched in comfort. Stretch panels throughout the suit are a standard feature – not a paid alteration. Multiple adjustment straps and snaps help achieve a tailored fit. Check the forums and discussion for folks who have tried both suits and there is unanimous agreement that the PS is far more comfortable than the RC.

“Ghazi’s suit [Power Shell] does blow the stich out of the water when it comes to comfort” – Post on ADVRider

Other features include:

  • The collar can be snapped on the side – so it doesn’t bother you when open during warm weather riding
  • A dedicated cable pass-through port so you can easily access your heated gear wires
  • A grippy seat so that you are not constantly sliding into the tank
  • An integrated kidney belt that works amazingly well to provide back support and decrease fatigue during longer riders and off-roading (this features has been added to all Power Shell starting Dec 2012).

The approach to custom sizes is also very different. We don’t do alterations to existing sizes- but rather create new patterns for the customer specifically. This ensures that the whole suit is adjusted accordingly. For example, simply increasing the amount of fabric in the inseam for a 6’11 customer is not the right solution – we have to totally redesign the legs, adjust the armor position etc.  So there is a flat customization fee instead of having to pay for each individual change.

Adding to the already superb value offered by the Power Shell – Teiz Motorsports also offers a FREE LIFETIME REPLACEMENT of the suit in case of a crash – all you need to do is follow instructions on our website:


I am probably forgetting some points –but this should serve well as a starting point for your comparison of the two very different products.

I previously listed the specs of both suits side by side in the post below:



  • We do use waterproof zippers for certain pockets to keep your valuables safe from unexpected downpours/splashes