3 Important Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which rain suits do recommend for wearing on top of these jackets and how have they worked out for you:
I bought two sets (for me and the wife) of Frogg Toggs for $39 each from Academy in March 2011. Been through multiple 8-hour storms plus months of rugged non-stop use during several trips. Both suit are still in top-condition and never failed us.

I think they were on sale when bough them but I am sure you can pick up a complete suit for under $50. They are the Pro Action series and more rugged/expensive/reflective options are available. Ours have worked out perfectly and seems like they have quite of a bit of life left in them. I would rate them 10/10 and wouldn’t mind getting another pair if I wreck these.

The feeling of arriving at your destination without worrying about how to deal with wet gear is priceless. We never have to wait for our gear to dry. I even use mine as a windbreaker. Heck I wore mine around London and Paris on rainy days so I don’t have to worry about carrying an umbrella. Another pro is that they pack really small in the provided bags and weigh next to nothing.

The long explanation is a pre-cursor to the next question.

Q: What is your opinion on the Touratech Companero & Klim Adventure Air when comparing to the Teiz Sahara:

The Companero & Adv Air are great jackets- but are they really worth that price?

All three jackets have been designed for a similar purpose: To make your summer adventures more comfortable. The main difference is that the Companero & Adv Air include the waterproof outer jacket. The Sahara does not include a rain suit and lets you choose your own rain gear.

Why don’t we include a rain suit with the Sahara? We have talked to several leading manufacturers of waterproof fabrics. We could never come up with a waterproof jacket that would cost YOU less than the Frogg Toggs despite the Frogg Toggs being just as waterproof. So with our version of the rain suit (like with the Gore-Tex suit) you would have to pay more but don’t necessarily get better real-world performance.

Now how expensive is it so replace the Gore-Tex layer of the Companero & Adv Air? Damage does not have to occur in a crash but rather normal usage such as an off-road ride with a lot of falls in harsh conditions. Being the less abrasion resistant layer, the rain suit will be much more easy to damage and rip-up. Frogg Toggs are $39 to replace and I dont have to worry about how harshly I mistreat them (because they are easily replaceable). I wouldn’t treat my Gore-Tex suit the same way because I know it is going to cost an arm and a leg to replace. Also look into how much the Gore-Tex layer weighs and how does it pack. There are reports about the Gore-Tex waterproof liner that raise these concerns.

These three products are quite similar and are working to achieve the same functionality. Anyway, all the details about the jackets are on the web and you can compare the features and materials to determine how you want to spend your money. You asked for my personal opinion and here it is: The Gore-Tex liner on the Companero & Adventure Air is not worth it and the jackets do not offer any unique features/materials that would convince me to spend so much more on them compared to the Sahara.

Q: Why are some of the pockets waterproof considering your stance on waterproofing. Do these block air flow?

Our stance on waterproofing is unchanged. Even the Navigator jacket, Power Shell & Air Shell have similar pockets. There is so much airflow in this jacket that a little area blocked by the pocket is not making that much of a difference. To ensure airflow is not being limited by much, we have included only one pocket on the chest. The size of the back pocket is not much more than the back protector – again so much airflow around it that it does not have an effect on the ability of the jacket to breathe. However – if you feel that you need more breathability on the back – you can easily snip off the material inside the pocket. Some folks have also told us that they fold up the pocket lining instead of snipping it off – so they still have the pocket when they need it. So you do have the versatility there – instead of not having the option at all – without restricting breathability.

So why is the pocket waterproof? Because regardless of how you choose your waterproofing layer, your belongings should stay protected. For e.g water can splash on you or you could be riding through a short shower without rain gear. Keeping your belongs out of the direct airflow protects them from the wind.

To quote WebBikeWorld:
“I’m really pleased that Teiz has chosen to make the pockets waterproof, even though the jacket itself is not. This way, if you’re caught in a brief shower without a rain suit, the contents of the pockets will stay dry. I have a custom ventilated jacket that uses waterproof liners and none of the jacket pockets are waterproof, so I have to keep small plastic bags readily available if I’m going to stow items in the outer pockets and the weather looks wet.”