Teiz Power Shell vs. Aerostich Roadcrafter

Comparing an Aerostich Roadcrafter to the Teiz Motorsports Power Shell is like comparing a really old car to the latest model. Sure the old car is well made but it is dated in every way. The new model has the latest safety features that will save your life, is much more comfortable and it sure does look a lot better.

Teiz MotorsportsPower Shell AerostichRoadcrafter
Price $699 $897
Shell Cordura 500D Cordura 500D
Ballistics SuperFabric Cordura 1050D
Armor Sas-Tec: Shoulders, elbows, knees, hips and back TF3: Shoulders, knees and eblows
Back Protector Sas-Tec CE Level 2 protector included as standard Back protection is optional ranging from $75 to $120. TF5 back protector is $100
Hip Armor Sas-Tec hip protectors are included as standard Hip protectors are optional. $35 for TF3 pads and $80 for TF5 pads
Vents Arms, pits, chest, knees and back Pits and back
Waterproofing Excellent with breathable external rain suit Marketed as 100% waterproof but customer feedback says different. Not bad but will soak through in extended rain
Zip in thermal layer Available n/a
Custom Sizing Full custom sizing available Only certain alerations are possible
Stretch Panels Knees, elbows shoulders and back Can be added for additional cost but options are limited


Some other advantages of the Power Shell (that are lacking on the Roadcrafter series):

  • High quality soft mesh lining to prevent chaffing
  • Adjustment straps on the legs to tighten the pants section against the boot.
  • Separate pass through slot for heated gear wiring
  • Grippy seat
  • Huge backpack style pocket on the back
  • Adjustment snaps on the arms