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Teiz Motorsports is a family owned business led by the husband and wife team of Ghazi & Hani


At the end of a 5 month trip

Our Story

As most enthusiasts, collecting riding gear was a hobby and I was often found in the local stores browsing through the latest jackets, boots and helmets. I noticed that a lot of gear was manufactured in my home country, Pakistan. The idea for Teiz Motorsports came to me on a particularly boring day when I had a lot of coding work ahead of me. I was working at Cisco Systems in San Jose, CA and I was ready for a challenge outside of the cube!


Approaching Stelvio Pass

Before I could commit myself fully to this idea, I needed to get some third-party feedback. As part of a marketing class during my MBA, I convinced my team to do our final project on Teiz Motorsports. This not only helped me collect a lot of the information I needed, but also provided four other brains to pick on.

Right after the course, I quit my job, sold the bike and sold all my stocks to raise cash for the business. It was weird to sell a motorcycle to start a motorcycle business! From that day on, I have been working hard on perfecting riding suits!


Renting a scooter in SF


About Teiz

Teiz Motorsports, pronounced "taze", has been captivating the imagination of adventure touring riders ever since its inception in 2008.  In such a short span of time Teiz Motorsports has experienced expeditious growth and has become a synonym for the word  "riding suit" much to the dislike of the reigning monopolists of this niche market.  

All the success the company has thus far achieved can be simply attributed to one thing: our business ideology; which we've nicknamed "rideology". The whole idea behind "rideology" is that if the gear makes a rider feel safe and comfortable...the rider will ride more often, ride for longer and ride farther. 


Hani posing in Switzerland

Our gear is designed to achieve the highest standards of comfort and safety using cream of the crop materials such as authentic Cordura®, Sas-Tec® armor, and Super Fabric® just to name a few. We are strictly dedicated to our customers and their praise, approval and trust has been our prime motivator. 

Contrary to the archetypical industry growth pattern of expanding the line up to be all-inclusive, Teiz has chosen to focus on what it does best - producing high quality riding suits to become a cynosure for all in the motorcycling industry.



Offroad in Northern California (2010)


Antagonists may contend to our short experience in life and in the industry, but let us assure you that despite being just 20-somethings, we have established an identity for ourselves on the touring turf and you will be seeing a lot more of us. Being young, motivated, and experimental is what elucidates us best. 




Hani finds a pink Vespa in Germany


From selling our motorcycles to raise funds to start a motorcycle gear company, from working out of our house/garage, from testing all our gear ourselves on multiple tours, and being active members of our local riding community, let there be no doubt that we are not from the other side of the fence and that we are from among our customers. 


Riding with the local BMW club (2011)


Teiz riding suits are not mass produced products that you may spot around every corner. All our products see very limited and exclusive production and a large percentage of production still consists of made-to-order custom suits. Most of our production processes still rely on the human touch instead of delegating tasks to machines. 



Teiz visits France

In a nutshell, Teiz Motorsports has personalization splattered all over it. Be it our exemplary customer service or our high quality gear, over 200+ pages and 3000+ posts of feedback and reviews are online to vouch for us.


Ghazi crashes in the Cascades



Exports & Manufacturing

Teiz Motorsports has now spanned into two main business units. The first is the Teiz Motorsports brand that specializes in riding suits and custom gear. 


Ghazi visits Seattle for a Teiz photoshoot


The second business unit is our manufacturing facility. Our integration with one of the leading manufacturing facilities in Pakistan (with over 13+ years of experience)  has led to the creation of a very unique manufacturing outfit: a motorcycle gear manufacturing company led by hardcore riders!



Teiz booth at an IMS show


Under this business unit, we manufacture a wide range of motorcycle gear for various brands all over the globe. From saddlebags to racing suits, we offer unsurpassed quality and value. This business unit also handles the export of Teiz motorcycle gear to other countries.  If you would like more info regarding manufacturing and exports, please email us at ghazi@teizms.com

Instead of holding onto our first ever dollar bill, we held on to our first ever prototype suit:


Trying on Big Bird, the first Teiz One Piece Suit prototype, at the factory (2008)


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