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Lombard series - Version 6.0

Updates: We surveyed 500+ customers who have been using the Lombard suits for more than two year. Based on their feedback, we have made significant improvements to the suit in terms of durability. Materials, fabrics, stitching and patterns have been significantly improved so that your Lombard series suit will last though many many more adventures!

A culmination of several years of research and testing, the Lombard series is the most feature-rich one piece riding suit on the market. The latest version of this riding suit comes with all the options boxes already ticked and includes a waterproof liner plus a full array of CE armor including the back protector. Multiple stretch panels and adjustable tabs throughout the suit ensure a comfortable fit.

Vents all over the suit result in unparalleled airflow. This means that the Lombard riding suit is a better companion in the summer than any competing non-mesh product. This also makes it the first adventure friendly suit because most one piece riding suits get way too hot to tackle any sort of off-road conditions. When the temperatures drop, simply zip up all the vents and plug in the (optional) thermal lining for a suit that has been tested at freezing temperatures on many trips. This over-suit easily slips over regular street wear making it convenient for both touring and commuting.

The Lombard is not just a touring suit but also a sport-touring suit! Multiple stretch panels ensure comfort even on bikes with aggressive riding positions.The Lombard is not just a touring suit but also a sport-touring suit! Multiple stretch panels ensure comfort even on bikes with aggressive riding positions.



  • Full length front zipper facilitates easy on/off
  • Shell is made from authentic Cordura and T-Tex
  • New comfortable collar design with tab to keep collar open when the temperatures rise
  • Full array of removable CE approved armor including knee, shin, shoulder, elbow and back protectors
  • Reflective stripes all over the suit
  • Several pockets including a built-in backpack
  • Chest, arm, armpit, back and thigh vents
  • Stretch panels on knees, elbows and back
  • Adjustable tabs on the shins, ankles, waist, wrists and arms
  • Internal pants access pockets (also useful as a heated gear cable pass-through)
  • Optional Polar Protection removable thermal liner
  • Removable Drench Quench waterproof liner
  • Dual front flap for improved waterproofing
  • Updated grippy seat
  • Updated cuff design for a more comfortable fit
  • Note: Updated design now includes Teiz logos on the front and back (not shown in pictures)
  • Note: Knee sliders and the patch have been removed from latest version of this suit (even though the photos show knee sliders)

Shell: Light gray

Primary Trim: Blue

This is a standard color scheme

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