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Size Chart

One Piece Suits:

The waist listed is the size stated on your jeans. Already sized to be worn over street clothing.


2 Piece Suits: Jacket

Sleeve Length- Measure from the edge of the shoulder down to the edge of the wrist
Chest - Measure at the widest part of chest.

2 Piece Suits: Pants

Waist - Not the same as the size listed on your jeans. This is the actual measurement of the widest part of your waist which is usually the belly button. Dont be surprised if this number is larger than expected. For example, a rider may wear jeans that state a size "32" but his actual waist measurement may be "38". If you have a large gut and wear your pants below that, measure at the point where you would actually wear your pants. If this sounds confusing, just give us a call at 888-808-8349.

Inseam - the measurement provided is the actual length of the pants. We cut the pants 1 to 2 inches longer than your actual inseam measurement to accomodate for the riding position.For example, a rider may have an actual inseam of 30 inches (measured to the floor) but the pants will need to be approx 32" long to fit correctly in the riding position.

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