Global warming is real and here.

Our planet is warming up but you don't have to hang up your motorcycle keys just because it is too hot outside.

The new Teiz Motorsports Sahara will help you breathe through the worst summers and highest temperatures WITHOUT compromising safety, abrasion resistance, impact protection and durability.

We have ridden thousands of miles all over the globe and one observation always stands true - it is easy to deal with cold weather with layers.

But it is the the warm weather that will cause you the most grief.

If you are not getting enough air flow, your adventure will be an extremely uncomfortable one.

The issue is easily solved by the Sahara which gives you direct access to all the air that you are tearing through.

This is especially useful on motorcycles with larger fairings and windshields.

When wearing a jacket with only zippered vents, less than 10% of the surface area is able to catch the wind - that too can be blocked off by the fairing and windscreen - effectively restricting airflow to the vents.

But when you are wearing a perforated jacket, more than 70% of the surface area is a vent - and the air will be caught by it no matter how hard your fairing or windscreen try.

Mesh jackets have existed in the past - but none like this. Its not just about the materials though.

When all the elements come together along with our well thought out features - the jacket becomes an experience - the most comfortable one you will ever have !!!

Specifications listed are for the "premium" version which required a paid upgrade during the ordering process.

Visit the Materials page for details on standard and premium materials.


Unlike most mesh gear that is made from measly mesh that will start unraveling even before it ever hits the pavement, the Sahara jacket and pants are constructed entirely from authentic Cordura. But this is no ordinary Cordura. Our own custom perforation patterns are applied to the Cordura to ensure maximum airflow. So you get all the airflow of a mesh suit but none of the low-grade materials!

Cordura set the standard for durability so high that other textiles are still unable to catch up. Durability would be useless without comfort, again a factor where the Cordura excels. Unlike rough-feeling Kevlar based fabrics, Cordura is pliable and comfortable without requiring to break in.


As usual we go and above and beyond "regular" gear as your safety is our responsibility and we take that seriously. With huge panels of SuperFabric on top of the Cordura, you can ride confidently knowing that SuperFabric wont let the pavement scratch you! How SuperFabric was able to create a fabric more protective than Kevlar, yet as comfortable as Cordura is a bit of patented magical science that we wont bore you with just know that SuperFabric is used by armed forces to protect themselves from getting stabbed!


So the Sahara is basically the most durable, comfortable and abrasion resistant jacket and pants you can buy. We did not stop there and have included an unbeatable impact protection system. The German engineered Sas-Tec armor is not only top-rated for its protective qualities but also for its unbeatable comfort. The visco-elastic foam is soft and pliable and takes the shape of your body. In summary: the most protective AND the most comfortable.

  • Shell is made entirely from perforated authentic Cordura feature amazing air flow
  • Large SuperFabric panels for ultimate abrasion resistance
  • State of the art Sas-Tec body armor
  • Sas-Tec elbow protectors
  • Sas-Tec shoulder protector
  • Sas-Tec CE Level 2 back protector
  • Multiple pockets
  • Two waterproof pockets on the front
  • Hand warmer pockets
  • Chest pocket
  • Large waterproof backpack style pocket
  • Clear pocket on the arm
  • Pouch on lower back for additional storage
  • Dual front flap
  • Integrated kidney belt (removable)
  • Comfortable cuff design that allows you to wear gloves inside or out. The cuff is not bulky so it does not interfere with gauntlet style gloves
  • A wide range of adjustability for a tailored fit
  • Adjustable collar (that can stowed for increased airflow)
  • 3 position bicep adjustment
  • 3 position forearm adjustment
  • Adjustable waist
  • Stretch panels on elbows and shoulders
  • Reflective stripes stylishly integrated into the design
  • Collar and sleeve are lined with super-soft materials to prevent chaffing
  • Two connection zippers
  • Short connection zipper for quick attachment /removal
  • Full length 360 degree zipper for optimal protection
  • YKK zippers throughout

Shell: Light gray

Primary Trim: Blue

Secondary Trim:

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